Out and Proud in Chicago: An Overview of the City's Gay Community, the book is edited by Tracy Baim and features the contributions of more than 20 prominent historians and journalists. It is published by Surrey Books, an Agate imprint, and is hard cover, 224 pages, 4-color, with nearly 400 photos.
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Windy City Times 2003-05-07

Views: High School Confidential

VIEWS In the Child's Best Interests, by Miranda Stevens-Miller


MUSIC Show Tunes

MUSIC Born Introspective: Suzanne Vega

Theatre: Late Nite at Metropolis

Theatre: dueEast Kicks Off Asian Heritage Month

Theatre: Gay Pulitzer Prize Winner's Work in Town

Theatre: Summer Stock:

Theatre: Hello Again and Again:

Theatre: The Lion King

Theatre: Dutch Love

THEATER Spotlight

one-on-one theater interviews

Stage Door Jonny

Summer Playgoing 2003

Theatre: Page Hearn's An Ecstasy of Dragonflies at City Lit

Theatre: True CrimesPlaywright: Romulus Linney

Theatre: Gem of the Ocean


Palate: Wines

Home & Design: Shelf Life

Sports: Volunteers at the softball fields

Home & Design: Interior Motives

Sports Shorts

A Sporting Chance for Girls

GAY HISTORY What a Difference a Gay Makes

MovieGay History: Street Walkin' With Sukie

Movie Maven

View: Santorum's Slip: Another GOP loose cannon backfires

Internet: Sites of the Week

Gossip / Media: Kelly Kelly Kelly

Media Watch

Gay TV

Deep Inside Hollywood


Two Men & A Baby ...

Artemis Singers and Lakeside Pride Women's Ensemble

Fundraiser for Lost and Found long-time bartender

National Roundup

Billy Bean at Pride


Hate-Crimes Bill Reintroduced

Council Takes Aim at AIDS Funds Increase

Forum on Sodomy Case

Agencies, Activists at Homeless Forum

Canada Marriage and World News

3,000 March in Warsaw

AIDS Foundation of Chicago

City Issues Hate- Crime Stats

LCCP Continues Funding Push

Former Priest Killed in 'Stranger Danger' Crime

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