Andrew Deppe
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Deppe has been a founder, staff member and volunteer for many important AIDS ad LGBT groups. He is a co-founder of the Lesbian and Gay Progressive Democratic Organization; Lesbian/Gay Voter Impact; Horizons Anti-Violence Project; and the Oberlin Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual Alumni. He has been a board member with several of those groups as well as a donor to them. His volunteer efforts include DAGMAR (Dykes and Gay Men Against Racism and Reaganomics); ACT UP Chicago; Chicago Smelts; Wellington Avenue United Church of Christ; Congregation Or Chadash; LGPDO; Ron Sable campaign; Lesbian/Gay Voter Impact; Horizons Anti-Violence Project; Chicago Urban League; United Methodist Annual Conference Council on Youth Ministries; SANE/Freeze; CISPES; American Friends Service Committee; and Radical Faeries.

Partnered with Stephen Weiser since 1993, Andrew now works as a massage therapist specializing in Shiatsu, Reiki, Swedish Massage and Structural Integration. Adopted son Silvano Vanegas, who spent five of his teenage years with Andrew and Stephen, is now in his mid 20s and living in Michigan.

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