Caryn Berman & Laura Cuzzillo
Berman (left) and Cuzzillo have worked for decades on lesbian and AIDS issues.
Kevin Boyer
Boyer has been a volunteer for Chicago gay groups since 1989, including with the Gay Games, Gerber/Hart Library and the gay chamber of commerce.
Tom Chiola
Chiola made history by becoming the first openly gay person elected to major office in Illinois, when he won a judge post in the mid 1990s.
Terry Cosgrove
Cosgrove is an openly gay man heading one of the top organizations working in the U.S. for a women's right to choose, Personal PAC of Illinois.
Andrew Deppe & Stephen Weiser
Deppe and Weiser, partners since 1993, volunteer and support various LGBT and AIDS religious, sports and political causes.
Diane Gomez
Gomez has been active in both the cultural and sports parts of Chicago's gay community.
Bill Greaves
In 1995 Greaves was appointed to the City of Chicago Commission on Human Relations’ Advisory Council on LGBT Issues; in 2000 he became the Directo
Marcia Hill
Hill has been a fixture on the Chicago gay sports scene for 25 years. She has been both a participant and official.
Art Johnston & Jose A. Pena
Johnston and Pena are co-owners of Sidetrack bar, which has been much-honored for its contributions to GLBT and AIDS charities.
Art Johnston
Johnston is co-owner of Sidetrack bar in Chicago, and a long-time activist on GLBT and AIDS issues.
Nancy Lanoue
Lanoue co-founded the Womyn's Gym in the 1980s, later to become Thousand Waves. She co-founded the Lesbian Community Cancer Project.
Joe LaPat & Dick Uyvari
Uyvari (left) and La Pat are supporters of gay sports and community groups, as well as numerous AIDS causes.
Paul Oostenbrug
Oostenbrug is active on sports and health issues in Chicago's gay community, including with Team Chicago.
Jim Pickett
Picket is an HIV-positive activist and athlete. He is director of public policy for the AIDS Foundation of Chicago.
Jerry Pritikin
Pritikin is an athlete and photographer who has documented the Chicago and San Francisco gay communities for several decades.
Raymond Rodgers
Rodgers is a deaf gay man who opened the first gay-deaf-owned interpreter service in the U.S, Deaf Communication By Innovation.
Wanza Rowe
Rowe and her partner Jean ping have been partners since April 9, 1971.
Nan Schaffer
Schaffer is a political activist and philanthropist in Chicago.
Starla Sholl & Deborah Burkhart
Sholl (left) and Burkhart support LGBT and women's organizations through volunteering and donations.
Starla Sholl
Sholl is a social worker in full-time private practice, with a large LGB clientelle. She has volunteered with several LGBT groups.
Dick Uyvari
Uyvari has been a critical part of the Chicago sports scene since the 1970s. He has also played a role in the national gay bowling movement. Died: 201
Stephen Weiser
Weiser and partner Andrew Deppe have volunteered for and supported LGBT religious, sports and political causes for many years.
Kathleen Rose Winter
Winter was a writer, athlete and activist on LGBT band African-American issues.

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