Caryn Berman & Laura Cuzzillo
Berman (left) and Cuzzillo have worked for decades on lesbian and AIDS issues.
David Boyer
Boyer has been a fixture on the gay bar scene for decades, including at Carol's and Touche.
Kevin Boyer
Boyer has been a volunteer for Chicago gay groups since 1989, including with the Gay Games, Gerber/Hart Library and the gay chamber of commerce.
Linda Bubon & Ann Christophersen
Bubon (left) and Christophersen founded Women & Children First in the late 1970s and both have played critical roles in the LGBT and feminist communit
Linda Bubon
Bubob is co-founder and co-owner of Women & Children First Bookstore.
Phil Burgess & Jim Nutter
Nutter (left) and Burgess have been a couple since 1976; they donate and volunteer for a range of gay and AIDS groups.
Phil Burgess
Burgess donates and volunteers for a range of gay and AIDS groups.
Robbin Burr & Lisa Loudin
Loudin (left) and Burr are partners who support LGBT organizations. Burr is former executive director of Center on Halsted.
Robbin Burr
Burr is former executive director of Center on Halsted, leading the agency during their drive for a community center building on Halsted.
Val Camilletti
Val has owned Val's Halla records in Oak Park since the 1970s. She is a pioneer in women's music and culture for the Chicago area.
Gary Chichester
Chichester has been a gay activist since the early 1970s, serving in vital leadership positions.
Ann Christophersen
Christophersen is co-founder of Women & Children First Bookstore and a critical volunteer and supporter of LGBT and feminist causes.
Jan Dee & Janet Gutrich
Jan Dee (left) and Janet Gutrich have been partners since Dec. 17, 1994. They support LGBT and AIDS causes as individuals and through their businesses
Eugenia Fawcett
Fawcett came out in the 1940s in Chicago as a student at the University of Chicago. She was with her partner Mary from 1955 until Mary's death.
Carole Goodwin
Goodwin is an Oak Park-based writer and she co-owned an important bookstore there for many years, Left Bank Bookstall. She is a long-time activist.
Vernita Gray
Gray has been active on gay rights since the late 1960s. She has been part of a wide range of groups and works on anti-violence issues.
Ted Hoerl
Hoerl is an Actor-Director/ Adjunct Professor of Acting CCPA at Roosevelt University. In the 1980s he owned Opal Station, a popular gay bar.
Lynn Hull
Hull is a long-time Chicago lesbian-feminist activist, including on making trades jobs available to women.
Chris Johnson
Christine Johnson is a co-founder of Metis Press, Publisher of Lesbian Feminist Literature, and a founding member of the national Women In Print netwo
Art Johnston & Jose A. Pena
Johnston and Pena are co-owners of Sidetrack bar, which has been much-honored for its contributions to GLBT and AIDS charities.
Art Johnston
Johnston is co-owner of Sidetrack bar in Chicago, and a long-time activist on GLBT and AIDS issues.
Nancy Lanoue
Lanoue co-founded the Womyn's Gym in the 1980s, later to become Thousand Waves. She co-founded the Lesbian Community Cancer Project.
Michael Leppen
Leppen is among Chicago's most important philanthropists, supporting a wide range of gay, AIDS and human-rights causes.
Steve McDonough
Steve McDonough and his partner Dan Smith have broken new TV ground as the Hearty Boys.
Steve McDonough & Dan Smith
Dan Smith (left) and his partner Steve McDonough have broken new TV ground as the Hearty Boys.
Deb Murphy & Kay Miles
Miles (left) and Murphy support a range of non-profits, including through donation of accounting services. They also fought a pioneering adoption case
Sharon Mylrea
Mylrea is a former board member of Lesbian Community Cancer Project who supports gay political and health causes.
Jose A. Pena
Pena is co-owner and video director of Sidetrack bar. He is a video pioneer, and donates his time and energy to numerous causes.
Nancy Poore & Chris Johnson
Poore (left) and Johnson were active in Chicago lesbian and print movements from the 1970s-1990s.
Nancy Poore
Poore co-founded Helaine Victoria Press in the 1970s and was active for decades on lesbians issues in Chicago.
Kasey Reese
Reese and his partner Javier Barajas were critical parts of numerous Chicago gay groups when they lived here.
Otis Richardson
Richardson is an artist, filmmaker, and activist with involvement in several key LGBT and African-American LGBT organizations.
Raymond Rodgers
Rodgers is a deaf gay man who opened the first gay-deaf-owned interpreter service in the U.S, Deaf Communication By Innovation.
Victor Salvo
Salvo is a designer by trade, and an activist in his down time, having been a key part of Chicago's political and AIDS activism.
David Sanderson & Lee Brady
Lee Brady (left) and David Sanderson have been partners in life and business since 1967.
Patrick Sheahan
Sheahean was president of the Center on Halsted's board during its critical campaign to build a new community center.
Art Smith
Smith is a world-renowned chef with a popular restaurant and cookbook, and is well known for his work as Oprah's chef.
Dan Smith
As one-half of the Hearty Boys, Smith and his partner Steve McDonough have broken new TV ground as top chefs and philanthropists.
Max Smith
Max Smith has been a gay activist since the 1970s, including on media, health and political issues.
Byron Stewart
Stewart is an actor, cultural pioneer and diversity trainer.
Lauren Sugerman
Sugerman is one of the co-founders of Chicago Women in Trades, a critical support for women entering non-traditional trades jobs.
Kathleen Thompson
Thompson's involvement in the lesbian community includes opening the city's first feminist bookstore in the early 1970s.
Pat Tomaso & Linda Palm
Tomaso (left) and partner Linda Palm live in Barrington, Illinois. Tomaso is a retired teacher with many years of activism on behalf of gay teachers.
Stewed Tomatoes & Materville Studios
Martie Marro, Lisa Hernandez, and Katie Jacobson are the wild and crazy girls of OUT Lesbian punk-rock band Stewed Tomatoes.
Tom Tunney
Tunney is Chicago's first openly gay alderman, and so much more. As a business owner he has given much to the GLBT and mainstream Chicago communities.
Richard Turner
Turner has been active on local and national GLBT and AIDS issues for decades.
Dick Uyvari
Uyvari has been a critical part of the Chicago sports scene since the 1970s. He has also played a role in the national gay bowling movement. Died: 201
Vera Washington
Washington is an HIV/AIDS counselor, party promoter through Executive Sweet, and longtime worker on LGBT youth issues.
Christy Webber
Webber is owner of owner of Christy Webber Landscapes, a top women-owned business in Chicago. She donates to numerous LGBT and political causes.
Israel Wright
Israel Wright is a well-known photographer and long-time Chicago LGBT community activist.

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