Carmen Abrego & MariBeth Welch
Abrego and Welch live in Oak Park and support various LGBT causes. Abrego is a long-time Chicagoan also known for her poetry.
Carmen Abrego
Abrego is a poet and Latina activist, and co-founder of the International Women's Day Dance.
Ann Adams & Lise Alschuler
Adams (left) and Alschuler are partners and contributors to LGBT and health causes.
Ann Adams
Ann Adams and her partner Lise Alschuler are contributors to LGBT and health causes.
Jean Albright & Tracy Baim
Albright is a retired Air Force Master Sergeant and Baim is Publisher of Windy City Media Group.
Jean Albright
Albright is a retired Air Force Master Sergeant, working to overturn the military's gay ban.
Claudia Allen
Allen is a long-time playwright whose works have been performed in Chicago and around the U.S. Many have lesbian themes.
Lise Alschuler
Alschuler and her partner Ann Adams are contributors to LGBT and health causes.
Alicia Amador
Amador and partner Norma Seledon support a range of Latina lesbian and other causes.
Carol Anshaw & Jessie Ewing
Anshaw (right) is a nationally known writer fo fiction, and Ewing is a newspaper photographer and teacher.
Toni Armstrong Jr.
Toni Jr. has worked on LGBT rights, lesbian women's music, as well as with groups such as GLSEN Chicago, Color Triangle, BLAST, and many more.
Paula Basta
Basta and partner Terri Worman work on gay political and seniors issues.
Jan Berger & Robin Hochstatter
Hochstatter (left) and Berger are supporters of various community groups and long-time participants in Chicago's LGBT sports leagues.
Jan Berger
Berger is a supporter of various community groups and a long-time participant in Chicago's LGBT sports leagues.
Alexandra Billings & Chrisanne Blankenship
Billings (left) and Blankenship are partners personally and professionally, both working on cultural issues.
Alexandra Billings
Alexandra Billings is a nationally known performer who transitioned from male to female and has performed in numerous theatrical roles, and on TV.
Chrisanne Blankenship
Chrisanne Blankenship (right) and Alex Billings and partners who both work on culture issues.
Lora Branch
Lora Branch is a true renaissance woman, a DJ, an AIDS advocate, an activist and much more.
Dr. Gladys Croom
Croom, Psy.D., has worked on gay and lesbian mental health issues for many years. She was also active in Yahimba and Literary Exchange.
Vanessa Davis
Davis is a musician, athlete and culture lover.
Teresa Dobbins & Barbara Hyler
Partners Hyler (left) and Dobbins are active on African American lesbian and spiritual issues.
Teresa Dobbins
Dobbins is active on a wide range of African American lesbian and spiritual issues.
Diane Gomez
Gomez has been active in both the cultural and sports parts of Chicago's gay community.
Laura Goring
Laura Goring and partner Lawrence Goring work on lesbian healthcare and transgender issues.
Lawrence Goring & Laura Goring
Laura Goring and partner Lawrence Goring work on lesbian healthcare and transgender issues.
Lawrence Goring
Lawrence Goring and partner Laura Goring work on lesbian healthcare and transgender issues.
Vernita Gray
Gray has been active on gay rights since the late 1960s. She has been part of a wide range of groups and works on anti-violence issues.
Jessica Halem & Red Tremmel
Halem and Tremmel spent many years in Chicago working on a variety of LGBT causes, including cultural activism. They away moved for work in '08.
Jessica Halem
Halem is former executive director of the Lesbian Community Cancer (now Care) Project, and a standup comic. She is a long-time feminist.
Jean Hardisty
Jean V. Hardisty, Ph.D., was a critical activist in Chicago in the 1970s and 1980s. She also founded Political Research Associates She died in 2015..
Juarez Hawkins
Hawkins is a Chicago-based lesbian artist who has contributed her work to many causes.
Neena Hemmady
Hemmady is active on a variety of LGBT issues, including including those impacting people of color.
Sherri Jackson
Jackson is a minister and healthcare practitioner with a wide range of gay and AIDS organizational involvement.
Amy Matheny
Matheny is an actor, radio host, and senior account representative for Windy City Media Group. She is executive producer of Windy City Queercast.
Laurie Lee Moses & Katherine S Clusen
Moses (pictured) is a longtime musician part of important LGBT bands and events. She and Clusen have been together since April 2000.
Stewed Tomatoes & Materville Studios
Martie Marro, Lisa Hernandez, and Katie Jacobson are the wild and crazy girls of OUT Lesbian punk-rock band Stewed Tomatoes.
Red Tremmel
Tremmel is active on trans issues, including access to lesbian spaces. Tremmel also co-founded the Sissy Butch Brothers, which did burlesque shows.
Honey West
Honey West is an all-around entertainer who has contributed her services to numerous AIDS and GLBT charities.

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