Out and Proud in Chicago: An Overview of the City's Gay Community, the book is edited by Tracy Baim and features the contributions of more than 20 prominent historians and journalists. It is published by Surrey Books, an Agate imprint, and is hard cover, 224 pages, 4-color, with nearly 400 photos.
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Windy City Times 2004-06-23

Chicago PrideFest

Gurlesque Returns

The Chicago Kings' 4th Annual Pride Show

30 Under 30 Homofrecuencia

Pride Week Youth Events

30 Under 30 Susan Ashman

Knight at the Movies, The Terminal and Dodgeball

Literary: To the Last Boys In the World

30 Under 30: Tony Alvarado-Rivera

30 Under 30 GLSEN Youth

Literary: Oops I said it again!

Literary: Two Boys in Love on the Beach at Westport

Literary: Commemoration of the 35th Anniversary Of the Stonewall Rebellion

Literary: The Guitarist

Literary: Mutant Highfor X-Men and students of The Harvey Milk School

Literary: Pride

Literary: Study Date

Literary: Crawling Under School Busses

Literary: Rocks in the Rain

Literary: First Time at the S&M Store

Literary: Ghosts

Literary: Up Close

Literary: March on Washington, 1987

Literary: All the Metaphors In the World

Literary: In Memory of All the Homosexuals Who Were Cut in Half by Saws.

Literary: Eavesdropping

Literary: Gay Pride in Krakow, Poland

Windy City Times Literary Supplement Introduction

Street Chic

Citywide Pride: Rick Gomez

Windy City Gay Idol 2004

Revolution at Home: Cho-time

Graham Goes West

GET THIS DVD! Cyndi Lauper

RuPaul Crazy in Love

Theater: Critics' Picks

k.d. lang: It's All About the Music

Seven Out

Theater: Fuddy Meers

Theater: The Sweet Little Prince

30 Under 30 Rosa Yadira

30 Under 30 Kirk Williamson

30 Under 30 Cara Thaxton

30 Under 30 Ryan VanMeter

30 Under 30 Moises Villada

30 Under 30 Meghan Streit

30 Under 30 Tamale Sepp

30 Under 30 Megan Schenk

30 Under 30 Talia Stein

30 Under 30 Alejandro Rodriguez

30 Under 30 Mona Patel

30 Under 30 Aimee Pine

30 Under 30 Joe Palumbo

30 Under 30 Adam Lebowitz

30 Under 30 Robin Matthies

30 Under 30 Anne Mothkovich

30 Under 30 Shannon Kenney

30 Under 30 Joe Hollendoner

30 Under 30 Maegan Jenkins

30 Under 30 Tammy Cresswell

30 Under 30 Aren Drehobl

30 Under 30 Jeremy Hilborn

30 Under 30 Daniel Cohn

30 Under 30 Rohan Barrett

30 Under 30

Knight at the Movies: Celebrating Gay Pride

Marriage Between the (Book) Covers

Deep Inside Hollywood

Keith Boykin, Chrissy Gephardt on Showtime's New Reality Series

Patricia Highsmith: PULP (non) FICTION

Views: Pathfinders


Views:The Last U-Haul

Views: Drinking out of both sides of their mouths

Dyke March

Massachusetts 1913 Marriage Law Challenged


HRC's 'Turning Point' Gala

Michelle Fire Honored

HRC Backs Sen. John Kerry for President

'Orr Four' Trial

Parade on ABC Sunday

Picture This! Family Photos by Famed Photographer

PASSAGES Alexis Bowlds

AMA: Yes to 2LGBT Resolutions, 'Maybe' to 3rd


Esera Tuaolo at Chicago Pride


Sports: Tuaolo at Proud to Run

Sports Shorts

Senate Passes Hate-Crimes Bill

Senate to Vote on FMA in July

Chicago Gay History
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