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Jessica Halem & Red Tremmel
Halem and Tremmel spent many years in Chicago working on a variety of LGBT causes, including cultural activism. They away moved for work in '08.
Jessica Halem
Halem is former executive director of the Lesbian Community Cancer (now Care) Project, and a standup comic. She is a long-time feminist.
Joel Hall & Craig Davis
Davis and Hall are long-time partners working on cultural issues in the community.
Joel Hall
Hall has been a pioneering openly gay activist since the 1970s. He founded the Joel Hall Dancers.
Roland Hansen & Bill Bergfalk
Hansen (left) and Bergfalk have been partners since 1984, and both have supported gay organizations since the 1970s.
Roland Hansen
Hansen's volunteer work has included Gerber/Hart Library, the American Library Association GLBT Round Table, Windy City Athletic Association, and more
Jean Hardisty
Jean V. Hardisty, Ph.D., was a critical activist in Chicago in the 1970s and 1980s. She also founded Political Research Associates She died in 2015..
Jorjet Harper
Harper is a writer, editor, musician, artist and more. She has been part of Chicago's lesbian community since the 1970s.
Greg Harris
Harris was elected to the Illinois General Assembly in 2006. He is a long-time Chicago-based activist on gay and AIDS issues.
Matthew Harvat
Harvat, known as "Circuit Mom," has helped raised funds for gay and AIDS groups for many years.
Juarez Hawkins
Hawkins is a Chicago-based lesbian artist who has contributed her work to many causes.
Ron Helizon
Helizon has been active on gay issues since the 1960s, including as a bar owner, bar personality, and Catholic activist.
Neena Hemmady
Hemmady is active on a variety of LGBT issues, including including those impacting people of color.
Marcia Hill
Hill has been a fixture on the Chicago gay sports scene for 25 years. She has been both a participant and official.
Ted Hoerl & Steve Scott
Both Hoerl (left) and Scott are active theater professionals in Chicago, with long ties to the gay community. They have been together since Nov. 1, 1
Ted Hoerl
Hoerl is an Actor-Director/ Adjunct Professor of Acting CCPA at Roosevelt University. In the 1980s he owned Opal Station, a popular gay bar.
Joe Hollendoner
Hollendoner is Director of the Broadway Youth Center for Howard Brown Health Center and a youth activist.
Thomas Lindsey Hooppaw & Jeffrey Tiritilli
Long-time couple Thomas "Lindsey" Hooppaw and partner Jeffrey Tiritilli, joined by their son Alan Mora. Alan died July 29, 2012.
Tonda Hughes
Hughes is a researcher looking at lesbian health issues, and is active on LGBT issues in Chicago.
Lynn Hull
Hull is a long-time Chicago lesbian-feminist activist, including on making trades jobs available to women.

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