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Amy Maggio
Maggio has worked and volunteered for AIDS and gay organizations in Chicago since the 1980s.
Judith Markowitz & Susan Franz
Franz and Markowitz are long-time partners and supporters of LGBT community events and organizations.
Judith Markowitz
Markowitz has been active in community culture and events since the 1970s.
Amy Matheny
Matheny is an actor, radio host, and senior account representative for Windy City Media Group. She is executive producer of Windy City Queercast.
Dwight McBride
McBride is an academic activist writing about LGBT issues, especially within an African-American context.
Pat McCombs
McCombs has been an integral part of Chicago's LGBT community since the 1970s, when she first fought back against racial carding in the bars...
Susan McConnell
Susan McConnell and partner Beth O'Neil are long-time activists on women's LGBT and AIDS issues.
Steve McDonough
Steve McDonough and his partner Dan Smith have broken new TV ground as the Hearty Boys.
Steve McDonough & Dan Smith
Dan Smith (left) and his partner Steve McDonough have broken new TV ground as the Hearty Boys.
Carl McDowell
McDowell and partner Don Nowotny support a variety of gay political causes.
Larry McKeon
McKeon had a long public service career, from serving as a police officer in Los Angeles, to being the state's first openly gay, HIV-positive rep.
Deb Mell & Christin Baker
Mell and Baker are active in gay-rights and political causes. Mell runs unchallenges for a state rep post in the 2008 general election.
Deb Mell
Mell is expected to become the state's first openly lesbian representative the fall of 2008. She runs unchallenged in the election.
Iakovos Mesaritis
Mesaritis and partner Patrick Finnessy are active on academic gay issues.
Jill Metz
Metz has practiced law since 1978, with many gay clients. She has volunteered with numerous gay organizations.
Gwen Meyer
Meyer is a long-time part of the lesbian community, including as co-owner of Razmataz bar.
Charles Middleton
Middleton is openly gay and president of Roosevelt University, the first openly gay person appointed to lead a major university in the U.S.
Carlos Mock & Bill Rattan
Mock and Rattan are partner who donate time and money to many gay, AIDS and Latino causes.
Carlos Mock
Mock is a writer and activist, donating his time and money to many gay, AIDS and Latino causes.
Joey Mogul
Mogul is an attorney who is also active on progressive causes, including with Queer to the Left.
Sid Mohn
Mohn, as president of the Heartland Alliance, has been a key part of work on behalf of people with AIDS and civil-rights for the LGBT community.
Mary Morten
Morten has worked on a diverse range of projects in the feminist and LGBT communities.
Laurie Lee Moses & Katherine S Clusen
Moses (pictured) is a longtime musician part of important LGBT bands and events. She and Clusen have been together since April 2000.
David Munar
Munar is an executive with AIDS Foundation of Chicago and a long-time volunteer for gay and AIDS groups, including Association of Latin men in Action.
Angelique Munro
Munro was born a male but always felt she was a woman. She has donated her performing talents to numerous Chicago groups.
Kathy Munzer
Munzer was a long-time member of the Mountain Moving Coffeehouse collective, producing hundreds of women's music and culture events.
Deb Murphy & Kay Miles
Miles (left) and Murphy support a range of non-profits, including through donation of accounting services. They also fought a pioneering adoption case
Sharon Mylrea
Mylrea is a former board member of Lesbian Community Cancer Project who supports gay political and health causes.

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